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ABOUT ASpiRIng Mentors

ASpiRIng Mentors is a completely free volunteer program that matches mentors and mentees. As international medical graduates, we often struggle to create connections with fellow students and graduates. Such connections can be very helpful in passing the USMLE examinations and in career development.

We at ASpiRIng mentors aim to create this network globally by developing a continuous teaching /mentoring skill. We believe in giving everyone a chance to share their experience and knowledge.

Our goal is to connect medical students and graduates with fellow medical graduates/students who have already taken the USMLE exams.



Meklit Zenbabaw Hunde, MD

Hello! I am the founder of ASpiRIng Mentors. Being an international medical graduate myself, I understand the challenges of matching to a desired US residency program. As we all know teaching is the backbone of medicine. As a founder of ASpiRIng Mentors, I aim to give everyone a chance to develop teaching skills while helping fellow International medical graduates ace their step exams. Come join us and let's make our dreams come true!

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