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Dr. Asha Haque

USMLE Mentor

During this journey, I have learnt that it is key always to have good positive people and support along the way and keep the motivation strong. Especially when there are struggles in life and we are not getting directions in how to study and how to work on the goals. So, it’s essential to always reach out to people and feel like you are not alone by helping each other and being there for each other. After all, becoming and being a doctor, one does not save a person’s life alone, it needs the knowledge, helping hands, skills, teaching, communication and teamwork to save a patient's life.

One of the experiences about this USMLE journey unlike medical school is the sudden change and challenge in how to learn to study for these exams. It’s a new discovery to oneself. Medical school studying was vastly different to studying for the USMLE. During my Step 1, I did not know how to go about the basic science and after I was lost in many ways, after some time, I understood that there are many different implementing studying styles that are needed to study for USMLE to approach the questions. After Step 1, then CK became an experience with confidence in studying for clinical knowledge. From here, I intergraded the importance of platform of teaching and explaining. This widens the experience and understanding to become better doctors. That no exam is impossible and that it can be definitely can be doable.

Dr. Asha Haque
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