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Dr. Bushra Ghafoor

USMLE Mentor

Dr. Bushra Ghafoor graduated from Ghazi Khan medical college, DG Khan, Pakistan. She is the first graduate from her college who has been ECFMG certified medical Doctor and is an aspiring applicant to get residency in the US. She is currently working as a Clinical research associate at the UTSW research facility in Dallas, Texas. Previously she worked as a Medical Scribe, and before immigrating to the USA, she worked as a postgraduate resident for two years in Pakistan.

Apart from her regular routine, she has been an active member of multiple nonprofit organizations, notably the American Red Cross and ICNA. She also establishes the Ghazi Khan medical college Alumni association of north America to guide and assist future students from her parent institution on the USMLE journey. She is a fluent English speaker with ample experience in internal medicine, critical care, emergency medicine, and primary care. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with family, read journals, and participate in youth mentorship.

Dr. Bushra Ghafoor
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