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Dr. Carlos Andres Munoz

USMLE Mentor

I am an IMG from Ecuador that started the USMLE steps in October 2019 10 months after finishing my medical school. It was a process for development and insight I found a lot of obstacles during my preparation but nevertheless I just continued every day, solving questions, reading, watching videos, and having a good schedule that could work out with my time and goals.
Sometimes you just want to give up and stop your routine, but I encourage you that if you don't align with the plan change it! But never change your goal. Be sure every morning that you will be able to achieve your goals after all… I am still working in my residency journey, and I found that is a constant work not just studying for the steps but also building other aspects within your CV.
I have taken my steps 1-2 and I had and have people that is giving me a hand trying to guide me in this long path and I am here to help you too.

Dr. Carlos Andres Munoz
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