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Dr. Leroy Davis

USMLE Mentor

Just want to start by saying- if I can do it, you DEFINITELY can do it! I'm a medical student from Ethiopia and it's mainly hard work and prayer that helped me achieve passing this test. It's mainly about confidence and a strong belief in yourself that will get you where you need to be. As Bobby Knight once said, “the will to succeed is important but what’s more important is the will to prepare”. I am currently in my 4th year of studies, and it was quite unusual to all my peers to attempt to do the test as early as I did.
It was such a roller coaster, frankly it was a beast to try to take down. My dedicated period was basically the first 2 months of Covid-19 Lockdown and I tried to use that time as efficiently as possible. I was trying to go for about 10-12 hours a day. You can imagine how crushing it would be when you would then attempt to do a practice test and get barely passing results. That’s where my advice to you comes in play DO NOT GIVE UP. It is not an easy journey at all, but I truly do believe with sheer determination and a bit of hard work it is a worthy beast to slay.
I Joined Aspiring Mentors to help others like me, and sort of light up a path in a dark and unknown. It will be only a couple of years before I take Step2 and step 3 head on, as terrifying as that might seem I hope to use some of the life skills I gained from preparing of step 1 to not only pass the test but ace it.

Dr. Leroy Davis
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