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Dr. Muhammad Usman

USMLE Mentor

I am a graduate of Nishtar Medical University Multan, Pakistan. I would like to introduce myself as a USMLE aspirant who has a passion for medical education. I have experience in medical education, including my Shelf exam and Step1 and Step 2 CK tutoring. Furthermore, I served as an Instructor for the Basic Health Sciences. During this time, I participated in developing a course work for preclinical medical students, now utilized by all clinical students at Shifa College of Medicine, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Through this platform, I aim to help the students to find the best resources for their specific needs and facilitate them to study most efficiently and effectively. In my tutoring sessions, I incorporate both intense content review and detailed test-taking strategies to improve the fund of knowledge and clinical reasoning skills of students.
I hope the Aspiring Mentors program will help you reach your dream goals.
Happy learning!

Dr. Muhammad Usman
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