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Dr. Muluken Zeleke

USMLE Mentor

I am an IMG from Ethiopia. I graduated from Addis Ababa University in 2018.

I decided to pursue USMLE early on when I was in medical school. I collected all the reading files and decided to start reading after being assigned to a district hospital. However, from the start, I lacked commitment and discipline. After joining WS University as a lecturer, I started again but it was not smooth at all. I was tempted to start residency as my friends were all doing the same.
After all this, I made up my mind and registered for my exam. What I needed was commitment, discipline, and perseverance. I took USMLE step1 in 2022. Currently, I am studying for step 2 CK exam.

When I look back, the journey would have been a lot easier if someone was there checking up on me, motivating me, and guiding me through this. Now, I am here to help my juniors with what I have lacked in my preparation and to make the journey a little more easier.

Discipline + Commitment + Some motivation = easier USMLE journey. The dream will be Reality. Let’s get into it!

Dr. Muluken Zeleke
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