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Dr. Srikar Uppaluri

USMLE Mentor

There are many things you see clearly in retrospect and it stands true for USMLE too. In my Journey of my exam prep, I always wanted to learn more about the exam, about the process behind it and more importantly about the profession itself. However I always had questions that needed answers, guidance and more importantly advise. Best way to get things done was always through people around me by sharing experiences and by helping each other out.

I cannot underline the importance of a good mentor enough in the path of your residency. Especially a person who understands you and your motives. In my experience USMLE is an exam that needs Persistence and endurance more than knowledge or resources, and somehow no matter how aware people are they end up getting stuck in the wrong loop of chasing completion over understanding.

The struggle is true, I validate the struggle every student went through. I hope one day in retrospect the years of struggle will strike us as most beautiful.

Dr. Srikar Uppaluri
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