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Dr. Tamiru Berake

USMLE Mentor

I am an IMG from Ethiopia and started the USMLE journey after completing my mandatory two-year service in the rural part of my country.
My USMLE path has been challenging, yet exciting, and filled with a lot of uncertainties. When I started reading for my step 1 exam, it was difficult to plan ahead which resources to use, which is an effective way of tackling the toughest part of the USMLE journey-USMLE step 1. Fortunately, I joined the USMLE Facebook forum where a lot of IMG and AMG shared their experience, which helped me a lot to guide me through this uncommon path, especially for my country's medical graduates.
I strongly believe perseverance is the key to succeeding in the Marathon Journey of USMLE. I am sure everyone has faced some difficult times on their path to completing the exam or matching to the US medical residency.
''Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears''. Gillian Anderson

Dr. Tamiru Berake
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