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Dr. Harika Doddi

USMLE Mentor

My journey to medical school involved strong determination, perseverance, and resilience. Like many others, my USMLE journey was no cakewalk. Being a wife and a mother of two, I have witnessed many hurdles. However, I managed my time efficiently by setting up my priorities.

My step1 preparation took off with no guidance. My preparation was scattered, I overlooked the highest yield material, which made my step1 journey even longer.

I changed my strategy in my step 2 ck preparation. I was actively involved in group discussions, and I also focused on the high yield material. I also did online NBME’s instead of offline. The most important thing is, I enjoyed my step 2 ck preparation. The result was quite fruitful, I had a 30-point jump in my step 2 ck score.

My key takeaways from my USMLE journey are – focus on high yield material, get actively involved in group discussions, and follow spaced repetition to memorize.

No one is alone in this journey. There are many helping hands out there in the form of study groups, mentors. Keep enjoying the process, one day you will achieve your dream.

Dr. Harika Doddi
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