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Dr. Meghana Balakrishna

USMLE Mentor

I am an International Medical Graduate from India. I studied at Government Medical College in India and graduated with my MBBS in 2017. Then, I did my Master's in Public Administration majoring in Health systems administration at Purdue University in 2021.

I started my USMLE journey in 2020. I gave my step 1 in March 2021 and step 2 CK in 2022. This was not a smooth journey, I managed to work, study, and do my college work at the same time. I have mentoring and teaching experience in my home country as well as in the United States. I have been mentoring and tutoring for the last few years.

I overcame many hurdles to start this USMLE journey but looking back I learned many things which made me finish my exams and become the person I am now. Even with self-motivation, if you need some guidance and tips to achieve your dreams, please do not hesitate to contact me. If anyone is willing to learn I am happy to guide you through good luck!

Dr. Meghana Balakrishna
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